10 Birthday Party Ideas For Your 10 Year Old

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June 24, 2016
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10 Birthday Party Ideas For Your 10 Year Old

Nowadays a game of pass the parcel and some jelly and ice cream simply isn’t going to cut it, and kids birthday parties are getting bigger, better and more

But when faced with a horde of young faces, all demanding to be entertained, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

We’ve taken a look at ten birthday party ideas that your ten-year-old will never forget!


There’s nothing more fun than hitting the slopes and racing against your mates in the snow.

“But the birthday isn’t until August!” “It never snows anyway!”

Fear not, there are a number of indoor and dry ski slopes up and down the country, with the big ones such as Chill Factore in Manchester specialising in putting on parties for the little ones.

Kids will love teaming up and whizzing down the slopes and it’s up to you whether you use skis, snowboards, sledges or even rubber rings!

Team this party up with a Frozen theme and you’re onto a winner!

Detective party

If your little one is a budding Sherlock Holmes, why not set them their own mystery to solve in your own back garden?

Fingerprints, scavenger hunts and cryptic clues are all parts of the puzzle that they’ll need to solve the mystery!

And of course, no mystery would be complete without a prize at the end, so make sure you get yourself some good CSI goodie bags for all your super sleuths.

Survival party

Of perhaps you’ve got a mini Bear Grylls on your hands who just loves being in the outdoors?

If so, why not throw an outdoor survival party, where your guests can learn some basic survival skills.

Build your own den, cook marshmallows on the campfire or go on a scavenger hunt in the great outdoors.

Climbing wall

Kids love climbing. Whether it’s rocks, trees or the living room furniture, so why not do it in a safe, controlled (and most importantly, fun!)

There are climbing walls all over the country, all of which are used to unruly mobs of children turning up for birthday parties.

Whether you want to get in on the fun or kick back with a coffee, climbing walls are a great way for the kids to burn off some steam!

To find a climbing wall near you, check out the UK Climbing directory.


An activity which has really started to take off (pun intended) over the last couple of years is trampolining.

It’s another great way to burn off all that youthful energy and there are loads of fun games that the kids can take part in.

For example, how about a spot of trampoline dodgeball or basketball? Or even just throwing themselves into foam pits!

It’s all very well controlled and safe, so there’s no need to worry about anyone getting hurt. Jump Nation are one of the major trampolining park chains, with parks in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Runcorn.

Science party

Curious kids will love a science party, spending the day carrying out wild and wacky experiments, and unleashing their inner Einstein.

There are all kinds of kits available which will allow your guests to create all kinds of crazy potions, sweet treats and slimy creations.

Alternatively, lots of museums and science centres will also be happy to host kid’s parties.

Who knows, they might even learn a little something too!


Who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? If your kids are mad about nature and animals, there’s no better day out on their special day.

Lots of zoos also offer options to allow the kids to get up close and personal with animals and even feed them.

Obstacle course

Put your little soldiers through their paces with a military-style obstacle course. There are lots of obstacle courses around the country where the kids
can get fully kitted out in camouflage and army face paint for the true army experience.

Best of all (from the kids point of view!) it’s EXTREMELY muddy. So make sure the washing machine is ready to do some overtime.

It’s also a great way to get the kids active in a fun way.

Chocolate making

Kids and adults alike have a bit of a sweet tooth, so why not incorporate it into their big day?

You can purchase lots of fun moulds, then melt down some chocolate in the microwave and get creative with your chocolatey creations!

Finally, quickly throw them in the fridge or freezer to allow them to set and enjoy!

Warning: This one could get messy!

Back garden funfair

Instead of the hassle of taking your guests out to the funfair or bowling alley, why not have all of the fun of the fair in your own back garden?

If you’ve got the space, it can be a great alternative to set up your very own carnival games such as ten-pin bowling, mini golf, ring toss and face

And to complete the experience make sure you’ve got plenty of popcorn and candy floss on hand.

It might take you that little bit more work to plan, but once the day comes round it’ll be totally worth it.

If you’ve been inspired by any of these ideas or perhaps need that little bit of a helping hand, please feel free to get in touch with us here at Twizzle, where we specialise in creating unforgettable memories for you and your little ones.

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