Jurassic World is here: time to party?

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September 24, 2015
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September 24, 2015
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Jurassic World is here: time to party?

 dinosaur-344131_640At last the long awaited Jurassic World is being launched this weekend! The Dinosaurs have returned to trample across our cinema screens as we watch in awe!  Jurassic Park is open again on Isla Nublar for visitors – and we intend to be there!  If your children are as fascinated by the sight of a T-Rex as we are why not throw a Jurassic Party, either for your kids birthday or as an end of term treat?

As the sunny weather is here at last, your children could go on an archaeological dig to find dinosaur eggs, bones and pre-historic artefacts – what a fantastic outdoor adventure!

We have more ideas below for some fun in the garden.​​  Or if you have a special birthday celebration coming up for an enthusiastic palaeontologist, our fantastic Twizzle explorers will take you on a journey into the past.

We can arrange a visit from one of the creatures – How about a game of sleeping dinosaurs, or hide while T-Rex sleeps?

If you are after a really big adventure, an incredible expedition to The Natural History Museum, with a tour of the galleries, fun and games, plus amazing dinosaur balloon modelling might be just the ticket.

If it is give us a call. 

For a Jurassic treasure hunt in your own garden, take a look at these handmade chocolate treats from Lakeland.

(the images will lead you to your treasure!).

As an Idea to make dino bones you could bake cookie shaped bones or use cheese straws.

Hide the eggs and artefacts around the garden, whilst the children are occupied elsewhere – ask them to pack and dress for the big hunt.  Make sure you vary the height and difficulty of the hiding places.

Place some near to the house almost in plain site and others further away in the bushes. Each hunter has to return to base camp with their finds – which you can then share out among the children at the end of the game so everyone has a reward

You can also create a Treasure trail with hidden clue – ideal where the prize is one large egg per player.  Cut out some dinosaur shaped cards to write clues on.  Make one card lead to the next, with a bone or ammonite find with each clue.  Eventually the clues lead to a big nest of dinosaur eggs!

Examples of clues:

  • T-Rex needs to drink a lot of water . (reward: hidden next to the garden hose / bucket of water)
  • T-Rex likes the colour yellow​​? (reward: hidden among yellow flowers)
  • T-Rex loves to eat sausages in the garden! (reward: near the barbecue)
  • T-Rex was looking for something to build its nest (reward: hidden in grass clippings / wood pile)
  • T-Rex was hungry and looking for fruit (reward: hidden under a fruit tree / bush)
  • T-Rex likes to hide were we sit down (reward: hidden on a garden chair)

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