5 Fun Things To Get You & Your Family Through Christmas Day

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December 18, 2015
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5 Fun Things To Get You & Your Family Through Christmas Day

Christmas is an amazing time of year, often one of the only times when all of our families come together to eat, drink, give and receive gifts and catch up. While this is obviously fantastic, days such as Christmas day can end up feeling pretty long because the majority of use are housebound for the full day, something which isn’t a regular occurrence, especially when there so many extended family packed in.

To make sure your Christmas day goes by as smoothly and as enjoyably as possible, check out these five family fun activities.

Christmas Movie Marathon

If your family are big festive film fans, then this is a great option for you this year. Its often frustrating to turn on the television to find some second rate film which you have no option but to sit through. This year, try creating a list with every family members favourite film on or try out a great list of Christmas films like this from IMDB

You can even make your films more interactive by including activities along side them. Try a post film or post marathon quiz to see how much everyone was really paying attention during your favourite film, planning drinking games rules (for the adults) to get extra merry along with the marathon and themed snacks and treats to eat along with the films, such as Buddy’s Breakfast recipe from Elf. (Note this is far from a breakfast meal as the film will prove)

Christmas Karaoke

One of the greatest things about Christmas undoubtedly is the songs. Whether it’s the big pop hits of Mariah Carey and Elton John to the timeless Christmas carols, the majority of us love a little sing-a-long. If you are one of those families or groups of friends that love to sing, why not have a Christmas karaoke night long after your Christmas dinner has settled.

There are a number of different ways to make this work. You could either get yourself a family gift and buy a karaoke machine along with microphones, find the karaoke version on YouTube and sing along to that or for potentially colossal embarrassment, play acapella karaoke.

The Hat and Gloves Game

There are lots of different age old party games you could choose to play this Christmas, but this is one recommended and is one which is sure to make your family and friends have a good laugh this Christmas day.

All you need to play this game is a woolly hat, soft winter gloves, a die and a present wrapped numerous times over (try at least five times). Gather your family and friends in a circle with the present, hat and gloves sat on the floor in the middle of the circle. Take turns to roll the die in a clockwise fashion, until someone rolls a six.

Once someone rolls a six, the person must step into the middle, pull on the hat and gloves and begin trying to unwrap the present. Obviously it is very difficult to tear the paper with gloves on so it can take a long time. Whilst they struggle to do so, the rest of the circle continues roll for sixes until someone else does, at which point they replace the other person in the middle. The first person the successfully unwrap the gift then wins whatever is waiting inside.

The Christmas Quiz

Writing a Christmas quiz can get every family member young and old involved. Depending on your party size, do your best to split teams so each has a variety of ages in it. This will enable you to write rounds which cater for all ages and won’t alienate any of your party, especially the younger ones who can get easily bored if they can’t be involved.

From Christmas general knowledge, Christmas film trivia to a festive music round (either play them the intro, or try a Never Mind the Buzzcocks style acapella intro round). You could even include treats and forfeits for each team depending on how well they do in each round, such as chocolate for winning a round, a Brussel sprout for loosing.

Christmas Pictionary

This is a reinvention of the classic game of Pictionary. Similarly to a normal game set up, you must divide into teams and taking it in turns, attempt to draw something which your team then has to guess what you have drawn. The key difference in this Christmas version of the game is you will not be needing any pens or regular paper.

What you will need is a piping bag and a rather substantial amount of piping icing sugar. You must attempt to either draw your object in icing (harder than you’d think) onto kitchen paper, tin foil or even perhaps blank biscuits so you have a treat to each win loose or draw.

The above ideas are proven to make sure you and your family and friends have a very enjoyable Christmas day. Obviously individually they don’t cater to everyone, for example not everyone wants to get up and do karaoke, but I’m sure you will be able to find the right activity for you this year.

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