5 Games To Play At Your Toddler’s Birthday Party

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June 24, 2016
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5 Games To Play At Your Toddler’s Birthday Party

Party games are a fantastic way of infusing birthday celebrations with some real energy and entertainment for the kids in order to make sure that they’re all enjoying themselves and interacting with one another.

Whilst throwing a birthday party for a group of toddlers may appear to be a rather daunting prospect, the great thing about toddlers is that they’re at the age in which they’ll pretty much enjoy anything which you organise for them.

With clear instructions of what you’d like them to do, as well as having everything set up before they arrive, you’ll surely be onto a winner with the party games.

So let’s take a look at five fun and games which are perfect for your toddler’s birthday party and which will keep all of the little guests entertained and enjoying themselves.

Hot Potato

The old favourite ‘hot potato’ is a great game to get the kids interacting!

Ask the toddlers to get into a circle with the leader sitting in the middle. With a blindfold on, the leader gently throws the hot potato (such as a ball) to someone in the circle who then proceeds to pass it around the circle until the leader shouts “hot potato”!

The person holding the potato is then out of the circle and the game continues until there is only one child left. A quick tip to bear in mind that it isn’t always fun to be out of the game, particularly for the first child, so keep the positive energy going by rewarding the toddlers for taking part with encouragement and little treats.

Get Creative!

For a different sort of activity which will get the creative juices flowing, you could divide the toddlers into pairs or small groups and give them something to design using only certain objects.

For example, you could get the kids to create their favourite animals with a little assistance from the adults using pieces of vegetable and fruit.

This is a great activity for a bit of down time amongst all of the excitement whilst also keeping the little ones busy. You could then judge the designs and award prizes to give a slight competitive element to the activity.

Jurassic Dig

We love the idea of this party game taken from kidspot. All you need is a model kit of a dinosaur and a space in your garden which you’re able to dig up the earth or even a sand pit would work well too and prevent clothes from becoming mucky!

All you have to do is to number each object and then bury the ‘bones’ in different locations around the garden or sand pit. As the children begin to locate the objects, gather them into a pile and let the kids uncover the mystery object.

The notion of the game that’s very similar to a treasure hunt could work for a number of different objects, so it doesn’t have to be a dinosaur!

What’s In The Box!?

This is always a fun game and one which parents use time and time again. Gather different objects from around the home, food items work really well in this game, and pop them into the box.

All you have to do is to ask the child to put their hands into the box and guess what the items are. Again the team aspect always works in games, so put the youngsters into small groups and the team who guesses the most objects correctly are the winners!

Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are a great way for the toddlers to really let off some steam and are a sure way of bringing fun and energy into the party.

Setting up a course outside, either in your garden or at your local park is probably more practical and means that you have a lot more space to work with.

Try and keep it very simple so that the little ones know exactly what they’re doing. Why not start with the old egg and spoon race, then get them to put on some fancy dress items such as glasses, hat and coat and hop back whilst navigating in and out of a set of cones to the start line.

Getting the kids to complete the course in relays will mean that the other children aren’t standing around for too long. For some more simple obstacle course ideas head to Simple Kids.

We hope you’ve found these game ideas useful if you’re looking to throw a toddler’s birthday party! Just remember to keep it fun and light-hearted whilst also simple and easy to grasp. Be organised and make sure that you’ve organised everything that you need before the youngsters arrive so that each game flows to the next quickly and smoothly. Keep the enthusiasm and positive energy going and you’ll be set to throw your toddler the perfect birthday party! 

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