51 Of The Best Kid’s Birthday Party Themes & Ideas

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February 10, 2016
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51 Of The Best Kid’s Birthday Party Themes & Ideas

If you’re like us, when your little one’s big day rolls around each year, you’ve got your party planning hat on months in advance!

In fact, we probably get just as excited about the party as the kids do! Getting the right theme for the day is one of the first challenges you’ll face, so, as London’s leading party planners, we’ve put together this mammoth list of 51 of the best theme ideas from the wild west to the deepest reaches of space, and from princesses to superheroes, to give you a little bit of inspiration.



Quite possibly the most common party theme amongst girls is by far a pink princess party! Lots of glitter, sparkles, and pink are the order of the day here, and represents a great ‘safe’ option if you’re struggling for ideas.


A circus party offers limitless possibilities for party games, face painting and there doesn’t have to be a clown in sight, because let’s be honest, they’re terrifying for kids and adults alike.

Water Party

If your young one is lucky enough to have a birthday that falls in the summer months (and we’re lucky enough to actually get sunny conditions), why not hire a Slip ‘N Slide, fill some water balloons and cool down in the garden!


Many kids dream of blasting off into space when they’re older so why not create some out of this world rocket decorations and some papier mâché planets?

Tea Party/Garden Party

Add a little bit of sophistication to proceedings with a tea party in the garden! This allows you to get really crafty with some high end decorations.

Wild West

There’s a certain romance about the Old West that cowboys and cowgirls of all ages can’t get enough of. Try and get hold of some hay bales for decoration and handy seating.

Mad Scientist

If you’re looking for a sneaky way to make the next birthday party an educational one, set up some simple but fun experiments. You can also have a lot of fun with the food. Gummy worms in jelly, and coloured water in beakers are just a starting point!


Magicians have been wowing kid’s birthday parties for years and years and it’s a great way to keep the guests engaged and hopefully the adults will be just and mystified too!

Under The Sea

Create a nautical theme by heading down to the beach a couple of weeks in advance and collecting some sand and seashells to decorate your party space. Buy a bubble machine too to create a great Spongebob or Finding Nemo atmosphere.



An old favorite, why not give your young shipmates a fantastic surprise by building your own pirate ship in the back garden? It doesn’t need to be super technical, just some cardboard, duct tape and a lick of paint should do the trick! A ‘hidden treasure’ scavenger hunt is a must too!


Superheroes are all the rage at the moment, and chances are your little one is obsessed. It’s a great chance for the kids to dress up as their favourite superhero. And remember that superheroes aren’t just for boys, just ask Wonder Woman!


It goes without saying, if you have kids, you’re probably very well acquainted with Anna, Elsa and Olaf from Frozen! The movie has become a phenomenon, and your kids are sure to love your winter wonderland.

Disney Princesses

The great thing about Disney Princesses is that everyone has their favourite! Whether your little girl wants to be Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or any of the other Disney Princesses, this is another guaranteed winner.

Star Wars

With the release of The Force Awakens in December, Star Wars is well and truly back and is capturing the imaginations of yet another generation. You won’t have to look far for some standard Star Wars decorations but why not go one further with a Death Star piñata!

Despicable Me

Let’s face it, the Minions from Despicable Me are adorable, so why not turn your party venue into a secret lair inhabited by these mischievous little characters?


With the franchise set to be rebooted later this year, what better time to throw a Ghostbusters themed party! This means lots of green to make it look like the room has been covered in slime, and lots of marshmallows in honour of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Peter Pan

Take your guests to Never Never Land with a party that will appeal to boys and girls equally. The boys can dress up as the Lost Boys while the girls will love sprinkling a bit of pixie dust as Tinker Bell.

Harry Potter

The film series may have ended five years ago now, but the Harry Potter franchise remains as popular as ever. Create your own Hogwarts with treats such as Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans (above), Pumpkin Pasties and Butterbeer, and stick up some posts in the garden for your own game of Quidditch!

How to Train Your Dragon

Another recent kid’s movie which has proved a big hit is DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon. The great thing here is you can basically link a basic Viking theme to the movie!

Dr. Seuss

Whether it’s old favorites such as The Cat in the Hat or newbies such as The Lorax, kids have been loving the characters of Dr. Seuss for years, so why not throw a whimsical Dr. Seuss party?


Peppa Pig

This favourite of kid’s TV is a massive hit with the younger pre-school kids. As well as decking out the venue with piggy decorations, why not look into hiring your own adorable micro pigs and create a mini-petting zoo for the day?

Dora The Explorer

Grab your backpacks and go exploring just like Dora! Kids love this little explorer, and it’s a great way to get the kids excited for a scavenger hunt.


It might be the worldwide craze it was back in the 90s, but the new generation of kids are still trying to “catch ‘em all!”. With the TV shows, video games and trading cards, there’s still a good chance your little one fancies themselves as a Pokémon Master. Check out the awesome Jigglypuff cake above for some inspiration!



Sleepovers are always a hit with the slightly older kids. A movie night is always a hit, or for the girls, why not treat them to a luxury pamper night complete with face masks?


Or should that be glamping? Another one for the slightly older kids, throw an adventure in the back garden and have the kids sleep under the stars for the night. Serve up some toasted marshmallows for the real campfire experience!

Beach Party

Or if you live in a suitable location, go one further and take the kids down to the actual beach for a dip in the sea, sandcastle making, and some beach football or volleyball.


Boys (and girls!) of all ages are almost always petrol heads to some extent. If you’ve got a local karting track the kids and adults can unleash their inner Lewis Hamilton together!

Scavenger Hunt

Perfect to keep the kids busy for the whole day, create a scavenger hunt! Keep it small scale in the garden or place clues around somewhere like the local park for a full day of discovery!


Head down to the local bowling alley and let your guests bowl away to their heart’s content. For younger partygoers, put the bumpers up or you might have a very low scoring game on your hands.


Let the kids burn off some energy blasting each other with lasers. Best of all, it gives the grown up some nice quiet time to themselves

Rock Climbing

If you’ve got active kids who aren’t happy unless they’re running around or climbing whatever surface they can find, take them down to the local climbing wall for their birthday. Not only is it good exercise, but will help develop their teamwork and communication.


Hook up a karaoke machine and kids and adults alike can channel their inner pop sensation. Why not turn it into an X Factor theme or The Voice, complete with spinning office chairs for the judges?


For the slightly older children who want to live out the types of action scenes they’ve seen on TV and in video games with a day of paintballing?



Thanks to the Great British Bake Off the nation has gone baking mad, so why not set up your own tent and set the kids to work making their own sweet treats? Not only is it fun and creative, but your guests will all get something to take home!

Arts and Crafts

If your child has an artistic streak, set up some arts and craft stalls to allow your guests to flex their creative muscles. If nothing else, they’ll love the chance to make a mess!

Pizza Party

Who doesn’t love pizza? Either order in a mountain of takeaway to eat in front of a movie, or get creative and let the kids make their own? Not only does it stimulate their inner chef, but they can pick their own toppings and be as fussy as they want.

Fashion Show

If you’ve got a young fashionista on your hands, why not throw your own fashion show? Set up a runway and make sure the adults are ready to act as the adoring paparazzi to capture this special birthday.

Games / Toys


Whether you want to organize a tournament down at the local AstroTurf, or just have a kickaround in the back garden decked out in the colours of your little one’s favourite team. There’s no denying the popularity of the beautiful game!


If you have kids who are into gaming, there’s a good chance they’ve been bitten by the Minecraft bug. The game involves building your own worlds out of cubes, kind of like an online version of Lego. The great thing about this it that it’s super easy to make your own blocky decorations and food.

Angry Birds

Another game massively popular amongst the younger (and older!) generation is the mobile game Angry Birds. There’s plenty of Angry Birds decorations available out there, but why not go one further and make your own game of Angry Birds in the garden with the kids throwing papier mâché birds at obstacles?


It’s possibly the most popular toy of all time, and kids have been even more in love with the little construction blocks ever since The Lego Movie came out a couple of years ago.


The recent Michael Bay movies have breathed new life into the Transformers franchise. For a real wow factor, get one of the adults to dress up as a real like Optimus Prime!


Believe it or not it’s been four years since London 2012 and the Olympic Games are back upon us this year. Why not encourage some friendly competition between your guests and put on a series of games such as races, triple jumping and that old Olympic favourite: the egg and spoon race!

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a mind-boggling big deal across the world now, so if your house is covered with various merchandise bearing the face of this cuter than cute character, why not throw a Hello Kitty themed party? 



Is your boy or girl animal mad? Setting the venue up like a jungle with animal decorations is great, but why not go one further and get in some real life animals for an interactive and educational experience?


Has Jurassic World kick-started a dinosaur obsession your house? Turn your back garden into an excavation site complete with replica fossils for the kids to dig up, cupcakes with dino eggs (or Mini Eggs to you and me), and of course the odd dino decoration!

Best of the Rest


Everybody loves chocolate, so why not make a chocolate fountain the centrepiece of your party? Why not go a step further and have a Willy Wonka theme? The golden ticket invitation alone is too good an idea to pass up.

First Birthday

The first year of your baby’s life will absolutely fly by, so why not take their first birthday party as an opportunity to celebrate the year that’s passed and to look forward to the future. Decorate with pictures from your new-born’s first year, and ask your guests to create a time capsule for them to open on their 18th birthday. It’ll come sooner than you think!

Glow In The Dark

For a really striking look to your next party why not throw a glow in the dark party? Make sure all your guests wear white or neon colours, and fill the room with black lights to create a stunning neon effect.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Whether it’s a birthday or an ‘un-birthday’, turn your garden into a Wonderland for your own Alice to explore. Mismatched teapots, cups and chairs will create that manic atmosphere straight from the book.

Enchanted Forest

Turn your garden into an enchanted forest with some fairy decorations and other woodland touches such as fungus and wood stumps.

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