January 26, 2016


THE NEW WEBSITE OF FILMING WITH KIDS IS READY AND ROLLING! Mr. Twizzle is a man of many talents, one of these is making filming with kids a fun, easy and no fuss experience for both clients and children! With an extensive experience in baby wrangling our team offer a unique service to the film and television industries on shoots and productions requiring the performing skills of children. We provide expert assistance and direction at all stages of the production including consultation during pre-production, test films, casting and the shoot. “Filming with Kids” worked with numerous important clients such as H&M, […]
September 25, 2015

Art for Arts Sake!

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Performing Arts School’? A place for dancing and singing stars of the future? Well yes, but there is much more to performing arts schools than that. They provide great perceptible benefits, stimulating the body and mind (Apart from being fabulously fun!). With the number of working parents increasing, children spend less time with adults planning activities, creating or imagining an outcome and working towards it. Professor Shirley Brice, American linguistic anthropologist at Stanford University says ”Children after the age of eight spend very little time with their parents in task activities. They may spend time at the dinner table or […]
September 24, 2015

Disney and the NHS Team up to Keep Kids Active

Disney and the NHS have joined forces to create this great, simple way to help keep kids amused and active during the summer – sign up here – its free. Choose a team Big Hero 6, Disney Frozen, Disney Pixar Monsters, and Disney Pixar Toy Story, collect stickers, play on-line and find suprises and more activities for kids.