July 4, 2017

How Much Would It Cost To Be Spider-Man? [Infographic]

After Spider-Man officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe last year in Captain America: Civil War we couldn’t wait to see him back on the big screen in his own movie, and that time is almost upon us! Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into cinemas on July 7th, with the early chatter being that Tom Holland is the best on-screen Spidey yet! Here at Twizzle, we love theorising and trying to figure out how much it would cost to be our favourite superheroes in real life, using information from the comics and a bit of speculating, so here’s how much we thing it […]
June 29, 2017

Chronological Viewing: Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) [Infographic]

We’ve all come to love the Marvel Cinematic Universe in recent years and there’s a whole host of new movies and shows on the horizon, all of which are set to add even more depth. One question often asked, however, is which order should you watch the live-action films and TV shows? Here’s a look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe from a chronological perspective, helping you to understand the order in which you should view the movies and shows: Fancy sharing our infographic? Chronological Viewing: Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) – An infographic by the team at
April 19, 2016

How Much Would It Cost To Be Captain America? [Infographic]

He’s the leader of Earth’s mightiest heroes, and one of the most iconic comic book characters of the last 75 years and as one of the leading party planners in London, we’ve seen our fair share of Captain America parties recently! As Captain America gears up to take on Iron Man in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, we wondered, how much would it cost to be Steve Rogers in real life? Project Rebirth – $516,000 The serum which gave Steve Rogers his powers was created by the US government during World War Two. Albert Einstein was paid an annual salary of […]
March 3, 2016

Four Ideas For The Perfect Marvel Birthday Party

If you have any young superhero fans in your family, then you really can’t go wrong with a Marvel themed birthday party! With The Avengers set to face off against each other in two months’ time in Captain America: Civil War, what better time to give your little superhero a party to remember? We’ve scoured the internet and found four of our favourite ides, including food, decorations and some truly ‘super’ party activities! Food Themed food allows you to get really creative, and it’s no different with s Marvel themed party. First things first, you can’t go wrong with pizza, but […]