Five Great Ideas For Princess Parties

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August 20, 2016
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September 19, 2016
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Five Great Ideas For Princess Parties

Lots of little children adore dressing up as their favourite princess character. With the magic and delight of dressing up in lavish coloured dresses accompanied with sparkly jewellery, throwing a princess inspired party for your little one is a great theme which you can have plenty of fun organising.

Birthday parties for youngsters are an important occasion, particularly when the mention of a party sends excitement throughout the playground!

From sending out the invitations to decorating your venue, there are lots of things to think about when it comes to organising a princess party. So to give you a helping hand, we have put together five fantastic ideas for planning the perfect princess party.


Set the tone as you mean to go on by sending the party guests a princess themed invitation.

Why not summon your guests in style with a scroll invitation? Select a piece of coloured card or paper which you can then either handwrite or type onto. You could then either tie the scroll using a ribbon or for a unique touch, you could even seal using a few droplets of candle wax.

There are lots of other great invitation ideas perfect for a princess party which you could design using various templates, for example, a castle or even glass slipper invitation would look brilliant. You can also get your little one to decorate the invitation (plenty of glitter is key!) for a more personal touch.

Dressing Up

While the overall theme of the party is princess inspired, you need to decide whether you want to leave the theme open to individual interpretation or whether you want it to be more specific.

For example, you could ask all of the children to dress up as their favourite princess, or you could even narrow down the theme to a specific fairytale and plan the party’s theme around this.

For example, in another one of our blogs here at Twizzle, we put together a guide for planning a Frozen themed birthday party.

Whichever theme you end up going with, make sure you make it clear on the invitations and encourage the guests to dress up!

Decorating Your Venue

Whether you’re hosting the party in a rented venue or in the comfort of your own home, decorations are a great way of getting your guests in the party spirit.

A royal red carpet leading up to the venue would be an amusing way to get the party started. If you can persuade a family member or friend to dress up as a royal herald, then each guest could be royally announced as they arrive at the venue.

In terms of indoor decorations, why not transform the space by putting up plush coloured drapes. The addition of fairy lights, bunting, balloons and flowers will help to give the room a warm, bright and girly feel. You could even decorate the chairs using fabric and tie ribbons around the back.

Princess Themed Buffet

Everything about the party needs to have a sprinkling of princess magic, including the food! A buffet is probably the easiest way of catering for your guests to ensure that they’ll be something everyone will enjoy delving into.

While plenty of sweets and yummy treats are a must, there must also be some healthier nibbles too. Babycentre’s blog suggests serving “Magic wands made from watermelon, cut into star shapes, and other fruits threaded onto skewers. Or try chopping red pepper, carrot and cucumber into tiny jewels and serve in foil-covered ‘chests’.” 

Partying can be very thirsty work, so why not try making your own pink lemonade floats or even pink milkshake? Poured into princess style beakers and with brightly coloured straws, this is a fun way of keeping the little ones hydrated.

Games and Activities

In between eating, chatting and opening presents, there are lots of fun and easy to organise games to entertain the royal guests with. Pin the tail on the dragon or whatever is fitting for your theme is always a favourite at children parties.

How about designing your own treasure hunt by hiding chocolate coins around the garden? For a bit of art and crafts fun, why not get the kids to have a go at making their own crowns which they can wear and take home with them? Take a look at some of the ideas on Activity Village for creating royal crowns and other fairy tale arts and crafts inspiration.

If you do decide to give out rewards for various games, try and make sure that all of the children receive some sort of prize so that no one is left out.   

We hope you’ve found our top tips for planning a princess party useful! Just remember, children’s parties are all about having fun and celebrating becoming another year older, so try to make sure you’ve got everything set up and ready before the party starts. Once the kids do arrive, keep the positive energy and excitement going right through until the end. Lastly, leave your royal guests smiling as the party finishes with a fun-filled princess party bag.   

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