Five Great Themes For Your New Year’s Eve Party

December 17, 2015
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December 20, 2015
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Five Great Themes For Your New Year’s Eve Party

Once the excitement of Christmas dies down, it doesn’t take long for the biggest party of the year to roll round: New Year’s Eve.

That one night where we (theoretically) have one final blow out before committing to our resolutions, calls for the mother of all nights, but that doesn’t always go to plan.

Do you usually find yourself queueing for hours to get into a club and missing the midnight countdown?

Or are you one of the stay-at-home types who always promises to go out next year?

Why not solve both these problems by throwing your own party? All you really need are some good tunes, some decorations, and a lot of booze, but if you really want to throw a party that your guests will never forget, why not go for a themed party?

UV Party

Deck out the party space with some UV lights (also known as black lights), make sure everyone wears light colours (preferably white) and you’ll turn your living room into your own nightclub!

Throw in some glow sticks too although beware that rowdy friend who will inevitably split one open and cover the room in UV goop!

Seeing the room splattered with glow in the dark liquid may look cool at the time, but you’ll have quite the clean up job the day after.

Also, a little known fact is that tonic water will also glow in the dark under UV lights, so why not make some glowing drinks or ice cubes?

How About A Chinese New Year Party?

It may be a little bit early (Chinese New Year isn’t actually until February) but its still a great theme for your party.

To implement a Chinese theme to your party, serve up some Chinese cuisine and fortune cookies (with chopsticks of course!)

Best of all, if you can’t be bothered knocking up a Chinese feast, you can just order takeaway!

Throw A James Bond / Casino Party

A bit of an old favourite, the casino theme is as much of an excuse for everyone get dressed up in their tuxedos and cocktail dresses more than anything else.

It’s also easier than you’d think to set up. You can easily get hold of some casino party kits which you can throw over the kitchen table.

With everyone enjoying themselves at the poker table or roulette wheel you’ll need to be well stocked with easy to eat snacks that your gamblers can pick up and eat without their eyes leaving the table!

And to drink? Vodka martini of course! We’re sure you know whether it should be shaken or stirred?

Think Of The Children!

Unfortunately, after the joy of Christmas, the kids usually get side-lined when it comes to New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve is traditionally very much an adult celebration, but why not do something the whole family can enjoy?

One idea is holding your party during the day, and celebrate with arts and crafts and party games.

Host A Decade Party

Another solid theme is that of your favourite decade! It can be the one you were born in, grew up in, or just the one you’ve always wanted to replicate!

There’s real scope for variety here, from the big hair of the 80’s or the greaser vibes of the 50’s.

And the theme doesn’t have to stop with the fashion, why not serve up some decade specific food?

How about some 70s fondue, or some 80s nouvelle cuisine?

Whichever decade you choose to go with, people love nostalgia, and its fitting to celebrate the past as we see in the future!

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