Four Ideas For The Perfect Marvel Birthday Party

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February 22, 2016
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Four Ideas For The Perfect Marvel Birthday Party

If you have any young superhero fans in your family, then you really can’t go wrong with a Marvel themed birthday party!

With The Avengers set to face off against each other in two months’ time in Captain America: Civil War, what better time to give your little superhero a party to remember?

We’ve scoured the internet and found four of our favourite ides, including food, decorations and some truly ‘super’ party activities!


Themed food allows you to get really creative, and it’s no different with s Marvel themed party.

First things first, you can’t go wrong with pizza, but why not arrange some pepperoni to create the Avengers logo?

Of course, the centrepiece of the party is going to be the birthday cake, so check out this mammoth list of 50 Avengers birthday cake ideas.

On a slightly smaller scale, why not make some individual character cupcakes? You can either make your own cakes for each character or simply buy cake topper such as these from Amazon.

It may only seem like a small touch, but all your guests will love comparing which superhero they got on their cake!

For a slightly healthier option why not create a Captain America fruit shield like this one we found on Pinterest?

All you have to do is cut up some strawberries, bananas and blueberries (and maybe a couple of marshmallows) and arrange them like Cap’s shield and voila!

We also have to give a shout out these awesome Incredible Hulk pudding cups, topped off with some crushed Oreos.

Party Supplies & Decorations

Especially in the run up to the new Captain America movie, there’s a whole load of Marvel based party supplies both online and in the shops.

Whether it’s the plates, napkins, decorations or even masks, you can find pretty much anything adorned with your favourite characters.

Why not let the kids colour in their own Captain America shield using a Frisbee like these ones?


A Marvel party is a perfect opportunity for everyone to dress up as their favourite heroes (or maybe even villains!).

There are a host of superhero costumes and masks out there to buy, or you can try and get creative and make your own.

Check out this article from DIY Ready on 20 superhero costume ideas for a little bit of inspiration.

Party Games

Now for the fun part, the party games! There are some great creative ideas out there, including some reworked old favourites.

As we know, kids love an opportunity to smash things up, just like Hulk! Obviously this lends itself to a piñata, but why not buy some Hulk fists such as these from Argos, and set up a huge wall of cardboard ‘bricks’ like these guys?

The kids will have as much fun building the blocks back up as they will smashing them down!

Or how about a Thor themed hammer throw game? Make your own Mjönlnir and try to either hit the target, or just see who can throw it the furthest!

We’ve really only scratched the surface with these ideas, so have a browse of Pinterest for your yourself to get some extra inspiration as there truly are endless ideas out there!

Or if you want to take the hassle out of planning your Marvel themed party, why not let one of Twizzle’s expert party planners take over and make your dream party come true!

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