How to Throw A Superhero Birthday Party On A Budget

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June 19, 2016
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How to Throw A Superhero Birthday Party On A Budget

Here at Twizzle, one of the leading party planners in London, we love superheroes, and they’re one of our favourite birthday party themes.

But you don’t necessarily need a super budget to throw a superhero party that your little one and their guests will love!

The best parties always look like they cost a fortune, but they very rarely actually do! It’s all in the planning and a little bit of a DIY attitude!

The Invitations

A very simple cost that you can cut out at an early stage is the invitations. It’s perfectly acceptable to do away with paper invitations and simply send them out online.

You can find loads of superhero-based templates online such as these, and you can simply email them out to all the guests.

You could add a photo of the birthday boy or girl dressed up as their favourite superhero to get everyone in the mood!

If you do wish to send out physical invitations, there are plenty of simple templates such as this one which you could print off and send.


There’s a whole host of cheap and effective superhero party decorations out there, from banners to balloons.

But to save that little bit of money, why not try and source some old comic books (as long as they’re not worth anything!) and cut them up to use as banners (or just use photocopies if you’re worried about ruining them)?

You can also use the pages to create little cones which can be used to hold all your party snacks, or perhaps to wrap around drinks bottles.

Feel free to get really creative with your decorations but we recommend trying out lots of pop art and comic booky styles!


Superhero parties are great for some arts and crafts, and you can kill two birds with one stone by getting the kids to create their own capes and masks so they can dress up as their favourite superheroes.

If you can somehow manage to get the kids to sit down for more than two seconds, superhero parties are a great opportunity for some face painting!

For some fun games why not get some silly string, set up some targets and let everyone try out their web shooting abilities?

Or purchase some of these cool Hulk fists and let everyone have a go at smashing up a piñata?

Food & Drink

Why not get things started the night before and have your little superhero help you cake and decorate some cupcakes decorated with various superhero logos?

You can’t go wrong with using some green rock candy to double up as kryptonite. It makes a great cake topping and unlike the real thing, it won’t drain your lifeforce!

A good way to encourage everyone to try out some healthier snacks is to label them as ‘super-foods’ and give them all labels outlining the different superpowers that they grant!

For The Grown Ups

And of course, we couldn’t forget about the grown-ups! Whether you’ve got parents attending or are perhaps just throwing your own adult superhero party, here are some ideas for some Avengers-inspired cocktails!

Some of them look a lot tastier than others and “The Hulk” certainly looks like it will do what it says on the tin and get you ‘smashed’!

You really can’t go wrong with a superhero party, it’s a timeless option that kids always love and the current trend for superhero movies shows no sign of slowing down!

Make sure you buy all of your decorations and food in bulk to get the best possible deal and you should find the perfect party isn’t as expensive as you might think!

Most importantly of all though, relax and make sure that everyone has a good time. That’s what it’s all about after all!

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