party ideas

November 30, 2015

5 Amazing Christmas Family Activities!

Christmas is one of the most magical holidays of the year and it gets even more special when you can share it with your children and the ones you love.  During these cold days there is nothing better than spending time with your family in the warmth and comfort of your house! We have some great ideas to entertain you and your little ones and to build amazing traditions and memories that will last forever! 1) Baking biscuits Craving something sweet? How about baking some biscuits? This is a classic Christmas tradition that you can share with your children; an […]
November 6, 2015

Pop-Video Party!

Twizzle’s Pop-Video Party is the latest and most exciting kids party idea.  This dance party with a difference lets you record and make your own fun pop video. How exciting! Step under the studio lights From pop princesses to wannabe rockstars, this unique experience lets kids become pop stars for the day. Working with music industry professionals, they’ll have a great time and shoot a music video to their favorite song. With a fantastic DVD to keep the memories forever. Our Pop Video Party is the ultimate way to sample the Pop High Life with a recording session in a […]
November 1, 2015

Bonfire Night Party Planner

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November’! There is nothing like the warmth and fun of gathering around a fire with your loved ones, talking, eating and roasting marshmallows to make good and gooey s’mores. In modern times firework displays accompany the traditional bonfire with venues competing for bigger and better shows each year. This Guy Fawkes Night, how about having your own Fireworks Party? Sounds good? Twizzle has all the right ideas to ensure an explosive party that goes off with more than just a bang! Check out our Party Planner – Party Games Being so close to Halloween, games such as apple […]
October 30, 2015

Spooktacular, Fangtastic Twizzle Party!

Twizzle is gearing up to throw the most ‘Spooktacular’ parties this Halloween! Our Event Planners and amazingly talented Entertainers are making sure kids and adults have a Halloween party so good, it haunts them forever (quite literally too!).  Here’s a sneak peak into all the preparation that is going behind the making of the ghouliest parties of this year :  Theming: A Halloween party without a Halloween decor? Impossible! Here’s what we’re doing- X4 Giant Silhouettes with back lighting e.g Dracula, Frankenstein Cobwebs hanging around the room Giant portraits of scary characters lit up on the walls Large cut-outs of glow in […]
October 28, 2015

Top 10: Halloween Party Playlist

Amazing Halloween costume? Check. Amazing snacks made to look like eyeballs/intestines/skulls? Check! Pumpkin carved with teeth? CHECK! But what’s that? You say you don’t have a mind-meltingly amazing Halloween playlist for your party? You don’t have a selection of too-ghoul-for-school music to groove to as you pull on your scary outfit? Fear not! We have lovingly selected the 10 best Halloween songs ever recorded for your listening and dancing pleasure: Treasures include perfect pop from Michael Jackson, creepiness galore from Harry Potter and, of course, “The Monster Mash.” In short? All “Thriller.” No filler. 1- Thriller – Michael Jackson 2- Monster Mash – Bobby ”Boris” Pickett & […]
October 19, 2015

Halloween’s Top 5!

Halloween is around the corner, boo! Time for your kids to dress up, spook people, and play harmless tricks! Make this year extra fun with our great ideas for special Halloween games, a spooky tea and treats to make you go eek! We’ve also got suggestions for safe trick-or-treating. 1- Mischief Night Get kids into the spirit of things by explaining that Halloween celebrations go right back to the days when people believed in witches.  People would light fires to scare off evil spirits. It also used to be known as Mischief Night – the one time of year you could […]