Party Planner

November 6, 2015

Pop-Video Party!

Twizzle’s Pop-Video Party is the latest and most exciting kids party idea.  This dance party with a difference lets you record and make your own fun pop video. How exciting! Step under the studio lights From pop princesses to wannabe rockstars, this unique experience lets kids become pop stars for the day. Working with music industry professionals, they’ll have a great time and shoot a music video to their favorite song. With a fantastic DVD to keep the memories forever. Our Pop Video Party is the ultimate way to sample the Pop High Life with a recording session in a […]
November 1, 2015

Bonfire Night Party Planner

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November’! There is nothing like the warmth and fun of gathering around a fire with your loved ones, talking, eating and roasting marshmallows to make good and gooey s’mores. In modern times firework displays accompany the traditional bonfire with venues competing for bigger and better shows each year. This Guy Fawkes Night, how about having your own Fireworks Party? Sounds good? Twizzle has all the right ideas to ensure an explosive party that goes off with more than just a bang! Check out our Party Planner – Party Games Being so close to Halloween, games such as apple […]