Ten Great Ideas For Throwing the Perfect Christmas Party

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Ten Great Ideas For Throwing the Perfect Christmas Party

With Christmas fast approaching, it is very nearly party season. Hosting a Christmas party is certainly a lot of fun. Yes, perhaps it gets a little stressful at times, but it’s definitely worthwhile to get your loved ones together for a great evening.

For a Christmas party that you will enjoy just as much as your guests will, check out these ten fantastic ideas for getting it just right!

Send your invitations out early

Everybody has lots of plans during the festive season, so pick a date and send out invitations at least a month in advance. Perhaps suggest a few options and see which one the most people can make. You don’t want to have a party that nobody can come to, so planning is key around Christmas time.

Make lists

Help yourself stay organised while planning by creating lists. Lists of guests, shopping lists, to do lists… knowing exactly where you are up to with the planning will really help to relieve some of the associated stress of organising such an affair.

Make food in advance

Spend more quality time with your guests by preparing food ahead of time, and then reheating when they arrive. This may not be appropriate for every single dish, but it can definitely save you a lot of time if you plan ahead. Even just preparing the ingredients can help.

Cater to everyone

Of course, you may already know your guests’ dietary requirements, but if you don’t, it’s a good idea to create a variety of meat and seafood free options, and perhaps some vegan options just in case.

Offer alcohol free drinks

If you are providing Christmassy alcoholic drinks for your guests, also think about whether there are going to be any designated drivers or guests who are too young to drink at your party. Don’t leave them hanging with a boring glass of water while your other guests enjoy mulled wine. Create at least one non-alcoholic cocktail or punch so there’s something for everybody.


Choose a colour scheme, and then pick decorations in accent colours. Good Christmas colours include reds, golds, greens and whites. Or you could go with blue and white for a wintery theme. Whatever you opt for, don’t go overboard with the decorations as it can become overwhelming. Instead, create a few main focal points, such as your Christmas tree.


Create a cosy festive atmosphere by leaving off main ceiling lamps, and instead opt for more gentle mood lighting. Fairy lights and candles will look lovely, and maybe just have a couple of side lamps on so that you can still see. If you have a real fireplace, a roaring fire is a must to create that Christmassy vibe, and it will also keep you and your guests warm!

Create a party playlist

Create a playlist to put on in the background, so you aren’t all just sat in silence. The amount of cheesy Christmas songs you include is entirely up to you! You can even find plenty of playlists that other people have made to save yourself a bit of time.


Decide whether you want to provide extra entertainment, or just enjoy each other’s company. board games, karaoke, or even a Christmas jumper competition are all fun ideas for activities!

Relax and enjoy your night

The most important thing of course is for you to enjoy your own party. Relax and have a good time with your friends and family, don’t sweat it if something doesn’t go entirely to plan – we promise everybody will still have a great time!

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